About Roberta

Dr. Roberta Pughe is the Clinical Director of The Center for Relationship, LLC, in Princeton, New Jersey, and a Clinical Fellow with The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, practicing psychotherapy since 1980. She has extensive experience in the practice of individual, couple, family, and group therapies.

Roberta's education is grounded in diverse psychological modalities**, namely, Systems, Gestalt and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies. Her integrative "multidisciplinary model" helps facilitate powerful enduring change, emotional maturity, authenticity and joy – all in the context of deepened contact with oneself and others.  A new found inner strength, courage, and inspiration are acquired as the client learns to support their subtle voice within and to trust this guidance with confidence, self-worth and dignity. 

Dr. Pughe completed her PhD in Educational Leadership with a dissertation in Contemplative Studies integrating embodiment contemplative practices to deepen the cultivation of an open heart, relationally. In 1992, Roberta received her ED.S., a post-Masters degree, in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seton Hall University, thus deepening her understanding of Systems Theory and its practical application to the "interpersonal dynamics" of the human relational experience.  As a faculty trainer with a New Jersey Gestalt Institute (1992-1997), Roberta trained other therapists in Gestalt Theory/Therapy and teaches this embodied modality -- rooted in the body's intelligence -- as an embodied awareness practice, balancing "Self and Other", the "Dual Task of Relatedness", deepening into authentic loving relationships.

Published author, seasoned psychotherapist and healer -- Roberta has presented seminars and workshops throughout the United States, always with a focus on helping people with the integration of body and mind, so that "their Spirit can thrive".  She has also contributed as a  psychological adviser for media outlets locally and nationally including engagements as a consultant for Princeton Community Television,  an HBO movie and as a facilitator for her own Talk Radio Show, "Feed Me Some Grapes".  A dynamic and knowledgeable practitioner, Roberta has appeared as a guest psychotherapist on the MTV  Series “True Life” and the Gordon Elliott Show.

Roberta’s passion lies in facilitating humans to be who they truly are (in their fullest expression) and to manifest their authentic aliveness creatively and successfully in the relationships of their lives.  She draws inspiration for her work from her creative, spontaneous spirit, her respect for the wild within and a sensitivity for going deeper into the soft, vulnerable places.  Her personal vitality finds enduring fulfillment through mothering her two "well-launched" sons and her two St. Bernard doggies, Queenie and Bear.

* Quotes on Home Page from Pir Zia Inayat-Khan and Rumi

**Integrative psychotherapeutic practices include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Systems Theory, Gestalt Therapy/Theory and diverse Healing Energy/Awareness Modalities.