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Published author, psychotherapist and educator  -- Roberta has contributed as a psychological adviser for media outlets (locally and nationally) and frequently leads workshops and retreats.

Roberta is the co-author of "Resurrecting Eve".Resurrecting Eve offers a universal spiritual wisdom to women. Eve, the mother of all who live, desires to nurture all of her daughters, to impart empowering spiritual and practical truths, plucked from the tree of knowledge. Finding Eve’s spirit in the teachings of Jesus, authors Roberta Pughe and Paula Sohl explore her bold, self-directed, and inquisitive nature as a model for women today who have been negatively affected by the oppressive and hierarchical fundamentalist religious dogma.

Drawing on Roberta's case studies and their mutual personal experiences, Paula and Roberta analyze fundamentalist systems from political, theological, and psychological perspectives to unveil the ways patriarchal religious dogma stifles women’s voices and spirits.  The book closes with a suggested healing model to reclaim and liberate both your mind and your body.

Mark Lewis Taylor
Professor of Theology and Culture, Princeton Theological Seminary
Author, Religion, Politics and the Christian Right

"Pughe’s and Sohl’s artful analysis in Resurrecting Eve adds a powerful new voice to the new spiritualities of women emerging from African-American, Latina and Asian-American communities. This book especially lays bare the violation of human values, and of the Christian gospel, currently perpetrated among patriarchal networks of the U.S. Christian Right. Essential reading."

"Resurrecting Eve raises many points that...again reminded me that men have to take responsibility to learn how women experience the culture that masculinity continues to dominate." In Praise of Eve