Client Testimonials

"I cannot imagine how I would have survived the past year—an extremely difficult period of crisis and loss, struggle and change—without Roberta. As a therapist, Roberta is an expert of the highest order. She has command of a vast range of methodologies and techniques that she puts into practice with great deftness and sensitivity. But Roberta is so much more than a therapist. She is a healer. She is a spirit guide. She is a shaman. That she possesses such expertise and insight, intellect and intuition, wisdom and medicine is amazing. That she gives so generously of these powers is a blessing beyond measure. What began for me as a struggle for survival has become, thanks to Roberta, a transformative journey of discovery, empowerment, and great promise. Words cannot express my gratitude."


"Roberta is the first (and only) therapist I have worked with. Initially, I had reservations about seeing a therapist and had put it off long beyond the time I should have. But after receiving a glowing recommendation from someone I greatly admire and respect -whose opinion I hold in high regard - I decided to contact Roberta. She returned my call promptly, leaving a very warm and compassionate message, which immediately set me at ease and affirmed my decision to seek help for my bouts of anxiety and depression. We met shortly afterward for a consultation to determine if we were a good match for one another and right away we just seemed to "click." In the 2.5 years since that meeting, Roberta has helped gently guide me through healing from birth trauma caused by my first birth; helped me cope with anxiety while pregnant with my second child about possible recurrent birth complications; empathized with the intensity and challenges of being an "attached" mother of two (as well as the stress it places upon a marriage, especially during those "early years"); supported my eventual realization that I needed my work, which led to my decision to return to a career I sorely missed. I have found a particularly special connection with Roberta because she is very empathetic too, and has first-hand experience in, the practices of "child-centered parenting," being a very connected and involved working mother to two herself. And yet she also stresses the importance of meeting one's own needs, in addition to the needs of one's family - without guilt. Roberta supports and encourages my quest for the confidence to apply my own unique parenting style as it evolves and matures naturally, in tandem with the growth of my children and family, while suggesting practical problem-solving strategies, as well as relaxation techniques to help cope with stress and anxiety. I have never exited the door of Roberta's office (where the atmosphere is as warm and informal as Roberta herself) feeling anything but refreshed, relieved, and grateful to have someone as unique and authentic as Roberta on my side along my journey."

"Over my years as a health care provider, I have referred many couples and individuals to Roberta, believing strongly in her personal and practical approach to relationships.  I have seen couples turn around from the brink of estrangement to grow closer and stronger.  I have seen individuals, including close relations, gain insight and strength as they process their experiences.  While I fully understood the benefits that her style of Gestalt therapy can offer, I never made the personal decision to seek counseling until a professional crisis hit me.  At the time, I felt besieged and lost, very confused as to why the unfolding events created such inordinate turmoil in me, and without any exit or relief in sight.


Working with Roberta has unlocked many doors to both past and future.  I look to the past, because I have had some issues bubble up from below time and again, without resolution.  I look to the future, to the way I can best meet my challenges, and have hope.  Most of all, I am learning bit by bit, to be in the present more fully, body and soul.  My dismal state of confusion and frustration is fading, and I am reaching out for a newfound peace."